Cost Considerations

If you’ve been considering replacing that old tub, you might have priced one from the local big-box stores and thought to yourself “you know, that’s not too bad a price”. Usually a homeowner can find a new one somewhere in the $400-$600 range. However, it’s important to know that replacing the tub will cost you much more than that – because the bathroom and house is built around it! There are $1000s of hidden costs should you choose to replace the existing fixture.
Consider the costs of removal and then disposal alone. Even a do-it-yourself job can prove to be costly. Assuming that you’ve removed the tub by yourself, you now have to figure out a way to dispose of the old tub – and it can’t go in the trash that gets picked up every week! On the low end, you’ll likely spend $50 to the landfill to get rid of the old tub, plus the time you’ll spend going back and forth to the dump or landfill.

The next hidden cost is likely to be the surrounding walls, tile, and possibly flooring. Removing the tub will probably cause damage to the materials surrounding the old tub. Homeowners will need to budget for these additional costs as well, which can easily add up to $100s of dollars. The other issue with removing an old tub is that it might be difficult to match the old tile, paint or trim that was damaged. If it’s necessary to replace a wall of tile or floorboards, that seemingly cheap tub replacement has now become very expensive.
One option that many homeowners are taking advantage of is refinishing. This process eliminates the need to have the existing bathtub removed. Because the tub is left in place, the surrounding tile, walls, and floor remain intact and undamaged. Since there is no demo work, our team can usually be complete the work in one day.