Shower Refinishing

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If you have an older home, it’s possible your shower has suffered from years of use, pet washings, scratches from abrasive cleaners or rusty, drippy faucets that have left permanent stains. At the extreme end of things, it’s possible that your fiberglass tub or shower has cracked or a hole has worn into it. Until recently, there wasn’t much a homeowner could do with a shower or fiberglass tub that had fallen into disrepair – you either lived with it, or junked the whole thing and got forced into doing an entire bathroom remodel. With advances in modern technology, today’s homeowners have many options available, including the ability to take those old ugly colors like pink or green and replace them with a brand-new surface, looking bright, shiny and brand new.   If you are still on the fence about refinishing vs replacing, we can explain the pros and cons of both approaches.  We’re pretty sure you’ll decide to refinish.

Fiberglass Shower Problems?

It’s common that older fiberglass showers and tubs have holes, bumps, cracks, or areas where the fiberglass has blistered. This is most commonly caused by harsh cleaning materials that have been left too long in the shower or tub – causing damage to the fiberglass. In extreme cases, the underlying support for the shower or tub can be affected and may result in additional work before any new surfaces can be applied. Even if this additional support is required, the existing shower or tub can usually be salvaged, by pouring a special material underneath to provide additional support. When this service is required, new caulk will also be applied to make everything look fresh and new.

Why Resurface Your Shower?

Many homeowners look to resurfacing a shower or tub to simply give the bath an update, newer look – while avoiding the cost of remodeling. With the advances in technology and options now available, it’s possible to choose from most any color you can think of including more “wild” choices like purple, gold or silver. Once the resurfacing job has been completed, there are a few key things to keep in mind. It’s important that only liquid cleaners are used on the new shower or tub. Do not use any cleaning products that are abrasive. In fact, it’s possible to keep the new tub clean using only a common sponge and dishwashing soap. If you have any questions about getting your shower or tub refinished, give us a call, Email or visit us at Facebook where you can see examples of work we’ve done for your friends and neighbors. Estimates are provided at no-charge, and we’re happy to meet with you at your home and apply our years of knowledge and experience to help you make the right choice that will not only look great – but last for many years to come. And don’t forget that with every project we do, we always offer the SurfaceMaker’s warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

Another thing to consider with bathtub restoration is this:  It’s not only a cost effective solution, it’s an environmentally responsible choice.Our process is very eco-friendly.  By restoring you aren’t putting another bathtub in the landfill and you aren’t producing waste from the tear out process.

If you’ve decided to update your bathroom, why not update the look of your kitchen as well ? We provide high quality and cost effective kitchen cabinet repainting with the same amazing technology we use in your bathroom!

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"Gabe. WOW. I never thought my kitchen could look this good. I debated going to Home Depot and Lowes, but I just felt overwhelmed. Gabe worked with me on color choices and delivered a home run. Could not be happier with the results"

Julia Christenson

Overland Park, KS

"Having lived through a remodel before, I was dreading the next few months when my wife decided that she wanted to update our kitchen. We decided to repaint the cabinets as the first option.  I'm really glad we went this route. It was fast and no mess at all.  When they were done, it gave the kitchen a whole new look almost overnight.  When my wife walked in and said "WOW" I knew I made the right choice".

Dan Atkinson

Leawood, KS