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Kitchen cabinet painting

Are you thinking about getting your kitchen cabinets painted? It’s a popular option with many homeowners these days due to the many options available, and consider the cost of painting vs. new cabinets, it’s easy to see why this has become a popular choice. When taking on a project like this, it’s important to be educated about the process so you can make the right choices to give you the look you’ve always wanted for your kitchen cabinets.

Things to Think About

The first thing to think about with your kitchen is that the surfaces are assaulted on at ever turn. Cooks have sticky, messy hands, to say nothing of kids helping out. Your kitchen cabinets have to be able to withstand changing temperatures and heat, such as when the stove or oven are being used. There’s almost always cooking grease that seems to get on everything, and somehow the flour never stays in the bowl when baking fresh bread! If you have a really busy kitchen, think about how many times cabinets are being opened, and items being taken out and put away. Unlike other parts of the home, your kitchen is probably one of the most-used spaces and if the kitchen cabinets are going to be painted, they need to not only look beautiful, but be durable and be able to hold up to the demands of kitchen use.

A Cost Effective Solution

Getting your kitchen cabinets painted, the cost when done professionally is far less than having them replaced. Even low-end cheaply made kitchen cabinets can easily cost more than $8,000, and that’s not including the cost of installation, staining, and hardware. Another option that some homeowners consider is refacing. That is, the process of veneering existing cabinet boxes and replacing doors and drawer fronts. However, that process can very time-consuming and expensive as well. If you hire a professional to do refacing, there will be additional costs which might make that option look less attractive than it did initially.

Repainting vs Replacing

These reasons are why so many homeowners are going with the option of having their kitchen cabinets painted.
However, it should be known that even the best, highest quality paint won’t be able to hide or mask underlying structural flaws in your cabinets, or if the original cabinets were cheaply produced using thin sides and backs. Cheap kitchen cabinets can grow frail with age – something paint won’t really be able to help with. So before you decide to have your kitchen cabinets painted, make sure that there are not other underlying issues that will require them to be replaced at a later date – after they’ve been painted!

Assuming that any damage that exists to the kitchen cabinets is nothing more than a few worn surfaces, a few nicks, scratches or dings, then you’re in luck – getting your kitchen cabinets painted are a great choice. Once the cabinets have been painted, don’t forget that the hardware can be replaced to make your kitchen cabinets look brand new.

Repainting Your Cabinets: What to Expect

One of the first questions that comes up after the decision has been made to paint your kitchen cabinets is, should oil or latex paint be used? Generally speaking, latex paints will hold up better because of the advances in technology over the last few years. There is one downside to latex paint is that it does take a long time to cure – sometimes up to two weeks, depending on humidity, temperature, etc. Some professionals recommend that an all-acrylic formulation be used due to their strength and durability.

Before the kitchen cabinets can be painted, it’s important that they are properly prepared. When you have the professionals at paint your kitchen cabinets, all of the drawers and doors will be marked for later identification, and to ensure that they go back to their original locations.

Next, the surfaces will be prepared which is the most important part of the process. In fact, without a properly prepared surface, no matter how well the paint is applied, it’s possible it will fail within a few years. When possible, the cabinet should be stripped down to the bare wood. There are also a variety of chemical strippers and adhesives that can be applied to the kitchen cabinets that produce a result just as effective as going down to bare wood. After that, a light sanding should be done to prep the wooden surface for painting.

After the kitchen cabinets have been painted, and the doors replaced, you’ll need to allow some time for the paint to fully cure – but this won’t prevent homeowners from using the kitchen.

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