How You Can Refinish Your Tub

To carry out this process, we passed the blade along one edge of the joint and on the other, and then we lifted through the center and pulled out the entire strip of old silicone. It’s very similar to what we did on the kitchen counter.

Then we give a review with the edge or corner of the spatula to sanitize the board thoroughly. Sometimes the white cement has mold, or it is deteriorated and loose. That’s why it’s so important to make sure everything is in perfect condition. And not only in the joint of the bathtub but in the wall tiles that are on the tub, they will get very wet, and it is essential that there are no cracks between them.

Nobody gives importance to that site, and that is where the majority of unwanted infiltration occur. Also, the cock area of the bathtub is essential. Both in the joint of the tub and in the wall tiles.

I insist: review well with the spatula the sores to remove all the material lose or in poor condition and thus we will guarantee an excellent result. Naturally, after removing all the silicone and scraping all the bad, enough remains will be formed that must be eliminated. We can remove them quickly with the vacuum cleaner.Given the state of the milk, we will start by giving a grout in conditions that will last us for many years.

Milking or grouting is similar to what we do when we trowel. Only, in this case, we will review the tiles where milk is missing or in the joints of the bathtub.